Souvenirs de Jérusalem - Mosquée d&

Souvenirs de Jérusalem - Mosquée d'Omar 1862

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Original Lithograph

Military - Religion - Israel

Plate taken from the first and only edition of this magnificently illustrated work. Account of the 1861 visit to Jerusalem undertaken by the third French squadron in the Mediterranean. Very beautiful colors of the 12 lithographed plates.
François-Edmond Pâris joined the French Navy in 1820 and participated in three major expeditions: the first under d'Urville aboard the Astrolabe (1826-9), and two under Laplace on the Favorite (1829-32) and Artémise (1837-40). In 1858, he was appointed rear admiral and given command of the third French squadron in the Mediterranean. Lithographers: Hubert Clerget & Gaildrau - Arthus Bertrand

Lemercier Paris

Good condition, slight dirt

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