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Air Afrique l'agence internationale Abidjan Circa 1965

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Circa 1965 original poster by Hurel for Air Afrique, titled "L'Agence Internationale Abidjan," is a significant piece of mid-20th-century travel advertising art. This poster was created to promote Air Afrique, a multinational airline serving West and Central Africa, and its international agency located in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire. During the 1960s, Air Afrique was a symbol of Pan-African unity and progress, connecting African countries with each other and the rest of the world.

The poster emphasizes the convenience and connectivity offered by Air Afrique, showcasing the airline as a gateway to exploring the diverse and vibrant landscapes of Africa. This poster is more than just an advertisement; it represents a period of optimism and growth in post-colonial Africa, highlighting the role of air travel in fostering economic development and cultural exchange.

The "L'Agence Internationale Abidjan" poster by Hurel captures the essence of a time when African nations were asserting their presence on the global stage, and Air Afrique played a crucial role in this transformation. This piece of advertising art is a historical artifact that reflects the aspirations and dynamism of the 1960s in Africa, promoting the idea of a connected and prosperous continent.

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