Air France Rome 1949
Air France Rome 1949
Air France Rome 1949
Air France Rome 1949
Air France Rome 1949

Air France Rome 1949

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The 1949 original travel poster by Yves Brayer promoting Air France trips to Rome encapsulates the allure and elegance of mid-20th-century travel. Created by the renowned French artist Yves Brayer, this poster serves as both a stunning work of art and an enticing invitation to explore the timeless city of Rome.

Brayer's poster captures the essence of Rome's enchanting beauty with its iconic landmarks and rich cultural heritage.

With its vibrant colors, bold typography, and dynamic composition, Brayer's poster exudes a sense of excitement and adventure. The sleek lines of the Air France airplane soaring above the ancient city skyline evoke a spirit of modernity and progress, highlighting the convenience and luxury of air travel in the post-war era.

As a travel poster, Brayer's artwork not only promotes Air France's flights to Rome but also captures the imagination of viewers, transporting them to a world of romance, culture, and history. Its timeless appeal and artistic merit make it a beloved icon of mid-century travel advertising and a cherished collector's item for enthusiasts of vintage poster art.

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Good condition, a trace of crease

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