Air France - France 1956
Air France - France 1956
Air France - France 1956
Air France - France 1956
Air France - France 1956

Air France - France 1956

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In the golden age of glamorous air travel, artist Jean Picart le Doux crafted a masterpiece that not only encapsulates the elegance and sophistication of an era but also pays homage to Air France's commitment to making France accessible to the world. Titled "France Air France," this 1956 original travel poster is a timeless representation of the allure of French travel.

Air France, a pioneering force in the aviation industry, commissioned Picart le Doux to create a visual masterpiece that would not only promote the airline but also embody the spirit of French sophistication.

Jean Picart le Doux, born in Paris in 1902, was a renowned French artist celebrated for his contributions to the field of tapestry, ceramics, and graphic arts. His artistic flair and distinctive style made him a sought-after figure in the mid-20th century. Picart le Doux's ability to blend traditional artistic elements with modern aesthetics is evident in "France Air France," where he skillfully captures the essence of both travel and national pride.

As a piece of travel memorabilia, "France Air France" captures the aspirational spirit of an era when air travel was synonymous with style and luxury. The journey, as depicted in this poster, becomes as important as the destination. Beyond its promotional function, Picart le Doux's creation has become a coveted piece for collectors, resonating with art enthusiasts and aviation aficionados alike.

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