Air France Concorde 1977
Air France Concorde 1977
Air France Concorde 1977
Air France Concorde 1977
Air France Concorde 1977

Air France Concorde 1977

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The 1977 original photo poster by Bulté showcasing the Air France Concorde captures the essence of speed, luxury, and sophistication associated with this iconic aircraft. Photographed by Bulté, a renowned photographer known for his ability to capture dynamic and captivating images, this poster epitomizes the thrill and excitement of air travel during the Concorde era.

Bulté's photograph of the Concorde exudes a sense of elegance and power, with the sleek lines of the supersonic jet cutting through the sky with effortless grace. The composition highlights the Concorde's distinctive delta-wing design and its unmistakable silhouette, instantly recognizable to aviation enthusiasts and travelers alike.

As the flagship aircraft of Air France, the Concorde represented the pinnacle of technological achievement and engineering prowess. With its ability to travel at twice the speed of sound, the Concorde offered passengers a truly unparalleled flying experience, shrinking the world and bringing distant destinations closer together.

In Bulté's photograph, the Concorde is depicted in all its glory, soaring through the clouds against a backdrop of blue skies. The play of light and shadow accentuates the aircraft's sleek contours, while its distinctive livery proudly displays the Air France logo, symbolizing the airline's commitment to innovation and excellence in air travel.

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Photography: Bulté

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Good condition, slight creases

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