VIIe salon des art ménagers 1930
VIIe salon des art ménagers 1930
VIIe salon des art ménagers 1930
VIIe salon des art ménagers 1930
VIIe salon des art ménagers 1930

VIIe salon des art ménagers 1930

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The 1930 original poster by Francis Bernard for the VIIe Salon des Arts Ménagers is a remarkable testament to the intersection of art, design, and domesticity. Created during a period marked by innovation and modernization, this poster encapsulates the spirit of the Salon des Arts Ménagers—an exhibition dedicated to showcasing the latest advancements in home appliances, furnishings, and lifestyle products.

Francis Bernard's poster employs bold typography, dynamic composition, and vibrant colors to capture the attention of viewers and convey the excitement of the event. The sleek, streamlined design reflects the modern aesthetic of the era, mirroring the sleek lines and innovative features of the household items on display at the Salon.

As the seventh installment of the Salon des Arts Ménagers, this poster heralds the continuation of a tradition that sought to celebrate and promote the latest innovations in domestic technology and design. From state-of-the-art kitchen appliances to cutting-edge furniture and decor, the Salon offered visitors a glimpse into the future of home living.

Beyond its practical utility, the Salon des Arts Ménagers represented a larger cultural phenomenon—a celebration of progress, modernity, and the promise of a better life through technology. By promoting the integration of art and industry, the Salon aimed to elevate the everyday experience of domestic life, transforming the home into a space of comfort, convenience, and aesthetic pleasure.

Exhibition - Foyer - France

Grand Palais - National Office for Scientific and Industrial Research and Inventions

Printed by Paul Martial in Paris

Good condition

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