Aujourd'hui adhérez à la LMC demain l'empire sera prospère Circa 1930

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The circa 1930 original poster by Rorebour, carries a compelling message urging viewers to join the Ligue Maritime et Coloniale Française (LMC) for a prosperous future empire. Created during a period of heightened colonial expansion and maritime influence, the poster encapsulates the ethos of the time, promoting the ideals of colonialism and maritime supremacy.

With its bold typography and striking imagery, the poster commands attention, effectively conveying the urgency and importance of joining the LMC. The artist's skillful use of design elements, such as perspective and composition, enhances the visual impact, compelling viewers to heed the call to action.

As a historical artifact, the poster provides insight into the cultural and political landscape of the era, reflecting the prevailing attitudes towards colonialism and empire-building. It serves as a reminder of the complex legacy of colonial expansion and the role of organizations like the LMC in shaping maritime and colonial policies.

Colony - Military - Navy

French Maritime and Colonial League

Advertising Edition

Good condition, traces of folds

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