MEA Italy Circa 1950
MEA Italy Circa 1950
MEA Italy Circa 1950
MEA Italy Circa 1950
MEA Italy Circa 1950

MEA Italy Circa 1950

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The original poster created by Auriac for MEA (Middle East Airlines) and its trips to Italy is a remarkable work of art that embodies the spirit of adventure and discovery. Created in a distinctive artistic style, the poster highlights the charms and beauty of Italy, one of MEA's flagship destinations.

Auriac has captured the essence of Italy through carefully chosen visual elements: picturesque landscapes, emblematic monuments and cultural symbols. The harmonious combination of colors and shapes transports the viewer into an enchanting atmosphere and invites escape.

By highlighting travel to Italy, the poster also testifies to MEA's commitment to offering its passengers memorable, high-quality travel experiences. It represents a call for adventure and the discovery of new cultures and unforgettable destinations.

Beyond its advertising function, the Auriac poster is an example of the poster art that flourished in years gone by, capturing the public's imagination and testifying to the creativity of the artists of the time.

Auriac's original poster for MEA and its trips to Italy is an artistic work that skilfully blends art and advertising, inviting viewers to dream of adventure and escape to this enchanting destination. It testifies to the importance of poster art in promoting travel and destinations, while leaving a visual legacy of a bygone era.

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