Chemin de fer de la Jungfrau 1928
Chemin de fer de la Jungfrau 1928
Chemin de fer de la Jungfrau 1928
Chemin de fer de la Jungfrau 1928
Chemin de fer de la Jungfrau 1928

Chemin de fer de la Jungfrau 1928

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The original Jungfrau Railway poster, created by Swiss artist Émile Cardinaux in 1928, is a masterpiece of Swiss design. Cardinaux, who was born in Switzerland in 1872 and died in 1936, was a renowned painter and graphic artist of his day.

By 1928, Switzerland had become a popular tourist destination, and mountain railroads were essential for exploring the Alpine regions. The Jungfrau Railway poster reflected this era of adventure and discovery.

The poster presents a spectacular view of the Swiss Alps, with the Jungfrau mountain in the background. Diagonal lines guide the eye to the snow-capped peak, creating a sense of dynamism and excitement.

In the foreground, a bright red train climbs towards the Jungfrau. This symbolic representation combines modernity with a desire for adventure.

The bold colors, dominated by blue and red, create a vibrant, captivating atmosphere.

The original Jungfrau Railway poster testifies to the importance of Swiss design in art and advertising. Émile Cardinaux's artistic talent captured the beauty of the Swiss Alps and the technological feat of the railroad.

His work contributed to the international Swiss style movement, characterized by its minimalism and functionality, which influenced graphic design worldwide.

Émile Cardinaux's original Jungfrau Railway poster is a symbol of the adventure and beauty of the Swiss Alps. It continues to inspire designers and captivate art lovers with its dynamic composition and vivid colors. A true visual journey through the Swiss mountains!

Railway - Mountain - Ski - Switzerland

3457m. Jungfraujoch Switzerland - 1st edition

Wolfsberg - Zurich

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