Chemins de fer d&
Chemins de fer d&
Chemins de fer d&
Chemins de fer d&
Chemins de fer d&
Chemins de fer d&

Chemins de fer d'Orléans et du Midi - Les Escaldes Circa 1925

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Roger Soubie's original poster for Chemins de fer d'Orléans et du Midi, showcasing Les Escaldes as the sunniest region in Europe, unfolds as a visual masterpiece, transcending the boundaries of a mere advertisement.

Soubie's artistic prowess breathes life into the poster, capturing the radiant splendor of Les Escaldes, a marvelously sheltered haven bathed in sunlight. The poster not only invites viewers to consider a destination but also paints a vivid picture of this high-altitude haven, where heliotherapy and thermal cures can be embraced throughout the seasons.

This poster becomes an alluring visual gateway to an era where travel was not merely about reaching a place but about experiencing the unique offerings of a locale. Soubie's artistry encourages travelers to envision themselves basking in the therapeutic sunlight of Les Escaldes, making it the singular high-altitude destination for all seasons.

Beyond being a travel advertisement, Roger Soubie's original poster holds a unique place in the realm of travel collectibles. It stands as a symbol of Chemins de fer d'Orléans et du Midi's commitment to presenting Les Escaldes as more than just a destination but a haven for well-being where nature's brilliance intertwines with therapeutic allure.

Railway - Tourism - Pyrénées-Orientales - France

The most silted region in Europe, a wonderfully sheltered site, the only high altitude station or can be practiced in all seasons, heliotherapy and spa treatment.

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