Les maitres de l&
Les maitres de l&
Les maitres de l&
Les maitres de l&
Les maitres de l&

Les maitres de l'art moderne 1981

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The original exhibition poster for Pablo Picasso's Masters of Modern Art in 1981 is an iconic work that testifies to the artist's worldwide renown and his central role in the history of modern art.

The "Maîtres de l'Art Moderne" exhibition was a celebration of Picasso's contribution to the twentieth-century art movement. The poster reflects his distinctive style and innovative artistic approach.

Today, Pablo Picasso's original 1981 exhibition poster for Les Maîtres de l'Art Moderne is a prized collector's item for art lovers and art history enthusiasts. It is a reminder of Picasso's enduring influence as a major figure in modern art, and underlines his ability to transcend eras and continue to inspire future generations of artists and viewers. This poster embodies the very essence of modern art and Picasso's infinite creativity.

Exhibition - Blue period

Good condition

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