Géométrie 1987
Géométrie 1987
Géométrie 1987
Géométrie 1987
Géométrie 1987

Géométrie 1987

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The original lithograph by Foré, hand-signed and numbered 5/465, is a testament to the artist's artistic talent and technical precision.

Lithography, a printing process that involves drawing or writing on a special stone, is a privileged means of creating unique and original works of art. In this work, Foré explores the theme of geometry, using precise lines and shapes to create a visually captivating composition. The handwritten signature and serial number give this lithograph an added authenticity.

This lithograph reflects Foré's artistic mastery in the manipulation of visual elements. His use of line, form and space testifies to his artistic sensibility and ability to communicate abstract concepts through visual means.

Today, this signed and numbered original lithograph by Foré is a prized collector's item for art lovers and collectors. It illustrates the value of printed art and reminds us of the importance of creativity and artistic reflection in creating works that continue to attract interest and admiration. This lithograph offers a glimpse of Foré's personal artistic expression and his contribution to the art world.


Signed by hand and numbered 5/465

Very good condition

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