Plus de Sceptiques 1928
Plus de Sceptiques 1928
Plus de Sceptiques 1928
Plus de Sceptiques 1928

Plus de Sceptiques 1928

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Original poster by Georges Villa commissioned by the French Committee for Aeronautical Propaganda.
For aviation - 20 years later More skeptics Joseph Prudhomme... My son is running to take the plane! With a superb picture of a man wearing a hat and an overflowing bag, with a telescope and an umbrella, running towards an airplane next to the ghostly silhouette of a man showing him the way, another airplane flying overhead and dates and information commemorating the 65,000 km round-the-world trip made by Costes and Le Brix in 1928 and Farman's success in 1908 Printed for the Official Exhibition of the Paris Air Show (since 1909)

French aviators Joseph Le Brix (1899-1931) and Dieudonné Costes (1892-1973) set flight distance records and were awarded for this circumnavigation, which included the first crossing of the South Atlantic Ocean; French-English aviator Henri Farman (1874-1958) flew a one-kilometer circular circuit in 1908 in the Voisin-Farman I biplane, Europe's first motorized biplane.

Aviation - Transport

Official Exhibition of the Aeronautics Show

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