Les peintres témoins de leur temps 1961
Les peintres témoins de leur temps 1961
Les peintres témoins de leur temps 1961

Les peintres témoins de leur temps 1961

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Original poster was made by Georges Braque 🇫🇷 (1882-1963) for his 1961 exhibition at the Galliera Museum (Fashion Museum of the City of Paris).

The Salon des Peintres témoins de leur temps is a show that was held every year between 1951 and 1983, first at the Museum of Modern Art of the city of Paris and then in the Palais Galliera.

Initiated by the painter Isis Kischka, the salon des peintres témoins de leurs temps is one of the most visited salons of the time, bringing together a hundred artists per edition while organizing around various themes over the years.

Braque is a major figure of modern art in the world. Along with Pablo Picasso, he was one of the initiators of Cubism, a pictorial movement based on the decomposition and geometrisation of forms.

In 1917, he created a series of breathtaking paintings. His paintings are divided into a series of themes: the figure, the still life and the studio.

It was in 1953, when he was at the peak of his career, that he completed "The Birds", this magnificent work which is featured on the poster.
This work, composed of three canvases, was commissioned by André Malraux, then French Minister of Cultural Affairs, to adorn a ceiling in the Louvre.

Exhibition - Cubism

Galliera Museum "Les Oiseaux" Painting made to decorate the ceiling of the Henry II room of the Louvre Museum


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