Deauville 1982
Deauville 1982
Deauville 1982
Deauville 1982

Deauville 1982

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Original poster realized by Razzia, of his real name Gérard Courbouleix-Dénériaz, in 1982, in a totally art deco style, in order to promote tourism in the city of Deauville.

Razzia is one of the last poster artists to survive in an era dominated by computer generated images. He began his career in what can be called the golden age of poster art. Razzia is unique in that he still uses the same old style to make his posters. He continues to make posters from an original painting, as opposed to computer generated images.

Deauville is a coastal town on the Côte Fleurie in the Normandy region of France. It has been a luxury vacation destination since the 1800s, and is known for its large casino, golf courses, horse racing and American Film Festival. Its large sandy beach is bordered by Les Planches, a famous boardwalk dating back to the 1920s that Razzia decided to highlight in the graphic construction of her work.

Tourism - Normandie - Swimming - France - Diving - Planches

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