Salon des cent 1895
Salon des cent 1895
Salon des cent 1895
Salon des cent 1895

Salon des cent 1895

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The original 1895 Art Nouveau poster for Henri Boutet's exhibition of pastels and engravings at the Salon des Cent is a true work of art in itself. Created by the artist himself, this poster perfectly embodies the flourishing aesthetic of the Art Nouveau movement that marked the turn of the 20th century.

The poster showcases the elegance and delicacy of Boutet's work, a talented artist specializing in pastels and etchings. Sinuous, organic lines, combined with floral motifs and graceful curves, create a visually enchanting composition.

The Salon des Cent was a favorite venue for emerging artists of the time, and this poster was designed to draw the public's attention to Boutet's exhibition. It reflects the craze for artistic posters at the time, which had become veritable works of art in their own right.

Boutet's poster for the Salon des Cent is a testament to the vital role played by Art Nouveau in the evolution of art and design, highlighting the importance attached to aesthetics and beauty in all aspects of daily life.

Today, this poster has become a sought-after collector's item for Art Nouveau enthusiasts and vintage poster collectors alike. It is a vivid reminder of the lasting impact of the Art Nouveau movement on art, architecture and design, and continues to inspire contemporary artists with its harmonious fusion of form and color.

Woman - Exhibition - Art nouveau

Exhibition of pastelles drawings and engravings

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