Dubonnet a l&
Dubonnet a l&
Dubonnet a l&
Dubonnet a l&
Dubonnet a l&

Dubonnet a l'eau avec un peu de cassis ou un zeste de citron 1935

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In triptych form, the mythical Dubo, Dubon, Dubonnet is in a way the ancestor of the animated gif! A simple, poetic visual narrative wrapped in a humorous tone. A silhouette darkens as the Dubo, Dubon, Dubonnet sequence progresses. Some say that it's these gestures and features that have given rise to our image of the aperitif. Cheers, Cassandra!
Today, the Evin law would forbid this type of alcohol promotion, but that hasn't stopped this poster from becoming a cult image, taken up and quoted by every generation of graphic designers. Dubonnet is a brand of vermouth flavored mainly with cinchona, available in red and white. It was created by French chemist Joseph Dubonnet. It was in Paris, near the future site of the Garnier opera house, that Joseph Dubonnet developed his cinchona wine in 1846. To combat malaria, he developed this bitter-tasting medicine, which he masked with a strong-tasting decoction of herbs and spices. Soldiers in the Foreign Legion first used it in the mosquito-infested swamps of North Africa. Joseph's wife was the first to serve the potion as an aperitif to her friends, and word of mouth ensured Dubonnet's popularity.

Since 1976, the Dubonnet brand has been owned and marketed by the Pernod Ricard group.

Alcohol - Vermouth - Advertising

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