Pour le désarmement des nations 1932

Pour le désarmement des nations 1932

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War - Art Deco - Photomontage

Attracted by Cubism and by the work of Juan Gray as well as by Albert Gleizes, he was one of the first to understand that to fix the image of a mark in the spirit The consumer, he had to proceed through the use of schematized shapes and very expressive colors.

Drawing and Collage: Innovation at the time: Integration into a drawing of two face photographs. (Method that became current next, and even more today with the computer).

It follows the example of other artists like Rodchenko (very inventive Russian artist in photographer and in the composition of posters, printed pages), or from the Dadaistes.

But here he did not go to pictures found in the press: the project (the idea) comes first, he then photographs a woman with her child to get the desired expression.He asked him to really feel what she would feel if a bombing took place.

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