Journée de Solidarité avec l&
Journée de Solidarité avec l&
Journée de Solidarité avec l&
Journée de Solidarité avec l&

Journée de Solidarité avec l'Angola 1972

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A sublime work made for the OSPAAAL, this Cuban movement created by Fidel Castro, which promotes anti-imperialism and socialism.

This beautiful poster was made by Lucio Martinez in 1972. It intervenes to support the communist revolution in Angola.

Indeed, the war of independence of Angola opposed Portugal to independence rebellions from 1961 to 1975.
At the end of these conflicts, Angola, where the Portuguese had been present since the 15th century, and which had been a Portuguese possession since the 19th century, emancipated itself from colonialism and gained political independence.
For almost 15 years, Portugal tried to regain the control it had lost after the first revolts in 1960.

The economic and military efforts that this represents for the metropolis and the pressure applied by the two great powers of the cold war in a context of decolonization, are the factors that push Portugal to let go of its colony.

The purpose of these posters was to support the revolutionary movements, and allowed Fidel Castro to apply his policy of international solidarity and thus benefit from a good image on the world stage.

Politics - Africa

Ospaaal - Cuba

Good condition, folds, one small tear

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