Bauhaus 1969
Bauhaus 1969
Bauhaus 1969
Bauhaus 1969
Bauhaus 1969

Bauhaus 1969

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A beautiful poster made for the 50th anniversary of the creation of the Bauhaus at the National Museum of Modern Art, by Herbert Bayer 🇺🇸 (1900-1985), a designer, painter, architect but also typographer and photographer American of Austrian origin.

The Staatliches Bauhaus is a school of architecture and applied arts, founded in 1919 in Weimar (Germany) by Walter Gropius.

By extension, Bauhaus designates an artistic movement concerning, in particular, architecture and design, modernity, but also photography, costume and dance.

In 1933, the Bauhaus (located in Berlin) was closed by the Nazis, who considered the school to be the teacher of a "degenerate art". The school was dissolved by its leaders. Many artists and teachers went into exile in the United States to escape Nazism.

The Bauhaus program attracted a large number of avant-garde artists from all over Europe, including Johannes Itten, Vassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee and Herbert Bayer.

Exhibition - Abstract

National Museum of Modern Art


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