Iskra  1976
Iskra  1976
Iskra  1976
Iskra  1976

Iskra 1976

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Beautiful poster by Folon for the release of the film La Spirale by Armand Mattelard. Directed between 1974 and 1975, La Spirale was presented for the first time in France in 1976. Its subject: the strategies of the Chilean right-wing and their allies, from before Salvador Allende's victory in the presidential elections of September 4, 1970, in order to prevent the election and stabilization of a left-wing government in power. In this interview, Armand Mattelart, who lived in Chile between 1962 and 1973, discusses the conditions under which this film was made and the issues at stake. Regularly shown in France and Europe, the film was not officially presented in Chile until 2006, thirty years after its release.

Horse - Cinema - Chile

For the release of the film La Spirale d'Armand Mattelard

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