St Raphael Quinquina 1988
St Raphael Quinquina 1988
St Raphael Quinquina 1988
St Raphael Quinquina 1988

St Raphael Quinquina 1988

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Beautiful poster after Charles Loupot for the Saint-Raphaël aperitif. The Saint-Raphaël is an aperitif made from a mixture of mistelle and aromatic plants.
Charles Loupot was a French poster artist and painter. He is one of the most important French poster artists, with A.M. Cassandre, Paul Colin and Jean Carlu. His pioneering use of the lithographic technique was widely celebrated throughout his fifty-year career.
Two varieties exist, the Saint-Raphaël Rouge and the Saint-Raphaël Ambré-Doré. Rapidly distributed throughout France and Europe, Saint-Raphaël crossed the Atlantic. Saint-Raphaël quickly implemented marketing techniques to increase its notoriety, such as the installation of a giant hot-air balloon in the brand's colors for the 1900 Paris World's Fair, piloted by the aeronaut Léon Lair. Sold in pharmacies as a tonic, the brand has long promoted the exciting virtues of cinchona. For a long time, advertisements were illustrated by two characters called "twins", one red, the other white to symbolize the two varieties of Saint-Raphael.

Alcohol - Advertising

White red with the collaboration of the Museum of Clamecy - Reissue

AAMC France

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