A las armas Circa 1975
A las armas Circa 1975
A las armas Circa 1975
A las armas Circa 1975

A las armas Circa 1975

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A las armas (To arms) is a poster of the Cuban revolution against the USA.

Kalashnikov in hand and ready to fight to defend the revolution. The Communist Party of Cuba (in Spanish: Partido comunista de Cuba, abbreviated to PCC) is a Cuban communist political party founded in 1965 and which has since become the sole party.

Fidel Castro was the first secretary from the foundation of the party until 2011, when his brother Raúl Castro replaced him.

It is important to point out that the Cuban Constitution of 1976 states that "the Communist Party of Cuba, Martist and Marxist-Leninist, organized vanguard of the Cuban nation, is the superior leading force of society and the State, which organizes and directs the common efforts towards the high purpose of building socialism and advancing towards the communist society".

Politics - Military - Propaganda - Cuba

Dor - CC - PCC

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