Up Yours, Bush ! I&
Up Yours, Bush ! I&
Up Yours, Bush ! I&
Up Yours, Bush ! I&

Up Yours, Bush ! I'm keeping my right to choose ! Circa 2000

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This original poster from the early 2000's is based on the famous We Can Do It! poster, created for Westinghouse in 1942 by J. Howard Miller.
These posters were created in a context where a large part of the world population was opposed to the intervention of the American army in Iraq.

Rosie the Riveter, a media icon associated with female defense workers during World War II, is an icon of American popular culture, symbolizing the six million women who worked in the arms industry and produced war materials during World War II, while the men were away at the front.

The character later became both a feminist icon and a symbol of the emerging economic role played by women in the United States.

Politics - Military - Humorous

Patriots Say: Keep Your Laws Off Our Bodies !

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