Décoration Masques 1953 1985
Décoration Masques 1953 1985
Décoration Masques 1953 1985
Décoration Masques 1953 1985

Décoration Masques 1953 1985

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Henri Matisse's 1985 original poster for 'Décoration Masques 1953' is a masterpiece that offers a glimpse into the creative genius of one of the 20th century's most celebrated artists. This poster, created over three decades after the original work, encapsulates Matisse's enduring influence and the timeless elegance of his art.

Henri Matisse, an icon of modern art, is renowned for his revolutionary approach to color, form, and composition. Throughout his illustrious career, he pushed the boundaries of traditional art, leaving an indelible mark on the world of painting, sculpture, and design.

The 1985 poster for 'Décoration Masques 1953' elegantly represents Matisse's signature style. The central image features a captivating arrangement of decorative masks, reminiscent of his original work from 1953. These masks, with their bold, abstract forms and vibrant colors, exude a sense of energy and playfulness. The carefully chosen color palette radiates warmth and vitality, drawing the viewer into the world of Matisse's creative expression.

The poster employs a rich and harmonious palette that mirrors Matisse's masterful use of color. Vivid reds, blues, and yellows are interspersed with deep greens and earthy tones, creating a visual symphony that encapsulates Matisse's love for color and its emotional impact.

Matisse's 'Décoration Masques 1953' poster is a tribute to the artist's enduring creative spirit and his fascination with form and color. The decorative masks are a nod to Matisse's exploration of abstraction and the use of masks as a source of inspiration. The poster invites viewers to delve into the world of Matisse's imagination and to celebrate the beauty of his art.

Exhibition - Surrealism

According to the cut gouache of 1953 - Spadem

Good condition, light folds

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