Composition 1972
Composition 1972
Composition 1972
Composition 1972
Composition 1972

Composition 1972

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Sonia Delaunay's 1972 lithograph, a product of collaboration with the renowned Mourlot atelier, stands as a vibrant testament to the artist's mastery of color and form. This striking piece, featured in the influential XXè siècle art publication, encapsulates Delaunay's distinctive approach to abstract art and her significant contribution to the modernist movement.

Delaunay, a pioneering figure in the Orphism art movement, was celebrated for her innovative use of color and geometric shapes. In this lithograph, her characteristic style takes center stage, presenting a visual symphony that engages the viewer's senses. The lithograph, executed by the prestigious Mourlot studio, further enhances the richness of Delaunay's color palette and ensures the fidelity of her artistic vision.

The composition exudes a sense of dynamic energy, with bold, overlapping shapes and a meticulous arrangement of hues. Delaunay's masterful command of color theory is evident as contrasting tones dance harmoniously, creating a rhythm that resonates throughout the composition. The lithograph is a testament to her belief in the emotional and expressive power of color, as each shade contributes to the overall visual melody.

Abstract - Orphism - Modern Art

Revue XXème Siècle


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