Cie de navigation Paquet Circa 1930
Cie de navigation Paquet Circa 1930
Cie de navigation Paquet Circa 1930
Cie de navigation Paquet Circa 1930
Cie de navigation Paquet Circa 1930

Cie de navigation Paquet Circa 1930

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In the vibrant 1930s, the world of poster art reached new heights, with Ponty emerging as a distinguished artist of the era. One of his iconic creations is the original poster for Compagnie de Navigation Paquet, featuring the liner Maréchal Lyautey and enticing voyages to Maroc, Sénégal, Levant, and the Mer Noire, all departing from Marseille.

This masterpiece, emblematic of the Art Deco style, transports us to a bygone era with its elegant and captivating design. The poster showcases the Maréchal Lyautey, a symbol of modernity and luxury at the time, gliding gracefully through the Mediterranean. Ponty's meticulous attention to detail, bold geometric shapes, and striking color palette converge to create a visual feast.

The typography on the poster is equally enticing, drawing viewers into a world of adventure and exploration. The carefully chosen fonts enhance the sense of wanderlust, inviting travelers to embark on a journey that promises not just transportation but an experience rich in culture and discovery.

What sets this poster apart is its ability to capture the essence of luxury travel in the 1930s. It embodies the glamour and sophistication that defined the era's voyages. Traveling on the Maréchal Lyautey was not merely a means to reach a destination; it was an opulent experience, marked by elegance and refinement. The poster encapsulates this spirit, offering a glimpse into an era when travel was a grand adventure.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, Ponty's work for Compagnie de Navigation Paquet reflects the evolution of graphic design in the 1930s. The Art Deco movement, characterized by geometric shapes and vibrant colors, is masterfully executed in this poster. During this period, graphic designers were not just advertisers but artists pushing the boundaries of creativity.

Today, this poster remains a testament to a time when travel was enchanting, and graphic design was at its zenith. It continues to captivate and inspire, reminding us of an era when the world was an open invitation to explore. The Maréchal Lyautey may have sailed its last voyage, but this timeless masterpiece ensures that its spirit lives on, inviting us to relive the luxury and allure of a bygone era.

Maritime Company - Art Deco - Africa

Marechal Lyautey - Morocco Senegal Levant & Black Sea by Marseille

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