Montana Vermala Switzerland 1954
Montana Vermala Switzerland 1954
Montana Vermala Switzerland 1954
Montana Vermala Switzerland 1954
Montana Vermala Switzerland 1954

Montana Vermala Switzerland 1954

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The original 1954 poster created by artist Jean-Marie Thorimbert for Montana Vermala, a ski resort located in Crans Montana, in the Swiss canton of Valais, is a remarkable work that embodies the art of tourism promotion at the time. Commissioned by the Compagnie des Chemins de Fer et Autobus de Sierre-Montana-Crans, this poster captures the essence of the Alpine destination, while highlighting the advantages of public transport.

The visual depicts a panoramic view of Montana Vermala, with the majestic peaks of the Swiss Alps in the background. The scene is enriched by the presence of two women dressed in traditional valley costume, adding an authentic touch to the representation and evoking the cultural richness of the region.

The poster's skilful use of color and detail is characteristic of the style of the period, with pastel tones and soft shades evoking a serene, peaceful atmosphere. Public transportation is highlighted in a subtle but effective way, with a train and bus crossing the mountainous landscape. This reinforces the idea that Montana Vermala is easily accessible by these means of transport, making the destination even more attractive to travelers.

Jean-Marie Thorimbert, the artist behind this work, has succeeded in capturing Montana Vermala's appeal in a single image, making this poster a powerful promotional tool for the region and the public transport that leads to it.

This poster is not only a testament to the golden age of tourism advertising, but also a reminder of how railroads and buses have played an essential role in the discovery of picturesque destinations. It captures the spirit of adventure and the allure of nature, reminding today's travelers that Switzerland still offers magnificent landscapes to explore, and that public transport can be the ideal way to do so.

Railway - Skiing

Switzerland - Cie Railway & Bus Sierre - Montana - Crans 1500m 1700m

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