Puros Habanos Circa 1950
Puros Habanos Circa 1950
Puros Habanos Circa 1950

Puros Habanos Circa 1950

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A habano, havana or puro, is a cigar, manufactured in Cuba with tobacco planted, harvested, and processed in that country. As it is a protected designation of origin, the Cuban cigar should be called a habano, not a "havana".

The character of Cuban cigars is intimately linked to the land where it was grown, just as a great wine is defined by the terroir in which it grew. To achieve this total expression, selection is the necessary operation that takes place at each stage of tobacco leaf production. The places that produce tobacco of sufficient nobility and aromatic richness for the great brands of Havana are precisely defined on Cuban soil. These places are limited to a few tobacco farms that have their own growing style. They are the elite of the "vega fina", valued more than others for their exceptional soil and microclimate qualities, showing in each harvest the uncommon degree of quality they produce.
Among the cigar brands represented we have Partagas, Montecristo, Bolivar, Upmann, Quintero, Romeo y Julietta and J. Cano.

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Shargas - Montecristo - Bolivar - Upmann - Quintero - Romeo y Julietta - J. Cano

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