Monsavon au lait 1949
Monsavon au lait 1949
Monsavon au lait 1949
Monsavon au lait 1949

Monsavon au lait 1949

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Raymond Savignac's original advertising poster for "Monsavon au Lait", created in 1949, is an iconic piece of French advertising design. It features a distinctive aesthetic and bold composition that captures the viewer's attention.

At the center of the poster is an unforgettable image: a pink cow with a charming smile, depicted against a soothing blue background. This iconic representation instantly evokes a feeling of softness and lightness. The pink cow, with its unconventional appearance, adds a touch of originality to the poster, making it memorable and distinctive.

The color combination chosen, with the contrast between the soothing blue background and the vibrant pink cow, creates a striking visual effect. The soft tones of blue and pink work well together, evoking a feeling of freshness and well-being.

Savignac's "Monsavon au Lait" poster transcends its original advertising purpose to become a graphic design icon. It testifies to Savignac's ability to combine humor and simplicity to create a striking image that remains in the public's memory. The poster is an example of the importance of visual design in communicating brand values and attributes, and continues to be celebrated as an iconic work of art in the French advertising world.

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