La Lutte Continue Mai 1968
La Lutte Continue Mai 1968
La Lutte Continue Mai 1968

La Lutte Continue Mai 1968

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Beautiful original poster of May 68, with the slogan La Lutte Continue.

Along with the "wild" graffiti written on walls and banners found in the processions of demonstrations or on the facades of occupied buildings, posters were one of the preferred means of expression of those participating in the events of May-June 1968. Their characteristic iconography and the shocking slogans they put forward had a great impact and they immediately appeared as one of the signatures of the vast protest movement that was then crossing French society. They are thus among the emblematic symbols of May 68 and figure prominently in its "mythological" pantheon, like the cobblestones, the sites on strike or the face of Daniel Cohn-Bendit.

In Paris, many of these posters are made at the National School of Fine Arts, occupied since May 14. Artists, graphic designers, students and ex-students work day and night to design and print them, with print runs varying from case to case.

Political - May 68 - France

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