Panorama des palais de l&
Panorama des palais de l&
Panorama des palais de l&

Panorama des palais de l'exposition 1878

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The 1878 exhibition, inaugurated on May 1 after nineteen months of work and preparation, was in line with the Universal Exhibitions of the 19th century. Dedicated to magnifying and presenting the products of industry, it was a considerable success, foreshadowing the more famous events of 1889 and 1900. On a surface of 750 000 square meters, the exhibition had invested a whole part of the capital around the hill of Trocadero and the field of March. On this occasion, the Iéna bridge was widened and raised at a huge cost. In the brand new Palais du Trocadéro, the industrial works of the great European powers were exposed to the public. To get there, from 10 o'clock each morning, visitors could take the tramway or a horse-drawn carriage, as the metro did not yet exist. The Exhibition, which was visited by more than 16 million people, nevertheless resulted in a significant financial deficit of 28 million francs.

Exhibition - Aeronautics - Aviation - France

View of the universal exhibition of Paris - Balloons

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