Est Les Vosges Sports d&
Est Les Vosges Sports d&
Est Les Vosges Sports d&
Est Les Vosges Sports d&
Est Les Vosges Sports d&

Est Les Vosges Sports d'Hiver Circa 1930

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Simon's original travel poster for "Les Vosges Sports d'Hiver" encapsulates the timeless appeal of winter adventures in the Vosges Mountains, conveniently located within a short journey from Paris.

This poster is a visual masterpiece, transporting viewers to a world of snowy landscapes and thrilling sports. Simon's use of color and intricate details paints a vivid picture, while elegant typography invites travelers to experience the magic of Vosges in winter.

What sets this poster apart is its ability to ignite the spirit of winter sports. The Vosges, easily accessible from Paris, promises not just a destination but an exhilarating experience—a chance to ski, snowboard, and revel in the region's natural beauty.

Simon's work reflects an era when leisure travel was flourishing, and the Vosges emerged as a haven for winter enthusiasts. It beckons travelers to embrace the thrill of the season.

Today, Simon's vintage travel poster stands as a captivating reminder of an era when travel meant embarking on exciting adventures amidst picturesque landscapes. It pays tribute to the enduring allure of winter sports and the artistry of vintage poster design.

Sport - Mountain - Big east

A few hours from Paris in the wonderful landscapes of snow

Reboul and son Paris

Good condition

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