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Retour ( L&
Retour ( L&
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Retour ( L'estampe Moderne 1 ) 1897

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Georges de Feure's original lithograph "Retour", created in 1897, is an iconic work of art that reflects the artist's characteristic Symbolist aesthetic and Art Nouveau style. This lithograph bears witness to the elegance and sensitivity that marked de Feure's work.

Georges de Feure, whose real name was Georges Joseph van Sluÿters, was a French artist born in Paris in 1868. He was one of the key figures of the Art Nouveau movement in France. De Feure excelled in several artistic fields, including painting, interior design and illustration. He was also an influential member of the Les Nabis group of artists.

Retour" is a captivating illustration of de Feure's aesthetic. It presents an elegant, mysterious young woman, dressed in characteristic Belle Époque garb, standing by a door. The skilful use of curved lines and floral details depicts the Art Nouveau style of the period, characterized by its organic forms and decorative motifs.

The soft, nuanced color palette in "Retour" reinforces the work's delicate, ethereal atmosphere. Pastel tones help create a dreamy, romantic mood. The lithograph captures a moment frozen in time, evoking a sense of nostalgia and contemplation.

Georges de Feure's work, including the lithograph "Retour", continues to fascinate art lovers and art historians today. His contribution to the Art Nouveau movement, as well as his talent for capturing elegance and emotion through his creations, make him an emblematic figure of the fin-de-siècle artistic period in France.

This lithograph is a testament to art's ability to capture the essence of human emotion and create a timeless connection with its viewers.


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Good condition, light folds

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