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Flêche d'Orient Air France 1936

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Paolo Garretto's original poster for Air France, entitled "La Flèche d'Orient", dating from 1936, is an art piece that illustrates the elegance and audacity of air travel at the time. This poster embodies the promise of adventure and discovery offered by Air France, as well as the artistic sophistication of the aviation era.

Italian artist Paolo Garretto created this iconic work of advertising design. His talent for capturing the aesthetics of the era is reflected in this distinctive poster.

Linking the iconic cities of Paris, Nuremberg, Prague, Warsaw, Vienna, Belgrade, Sofia and Bucharest, to finally reach the fascinating destination of Istanbul , this poster guides the viewer through this captivating itinerary, evoking a sense of travel and discovery.

The color palette selected by Garretto adds a touch of glamour to the poster.

The careful typography, with the name "Air France" accompanied by its distinctive "winged horse" logo, reinforces the association with the airline and its commitment to comfort and quality. Details of the trip are presented in a clear, structured way.

Paolo Garretto's "La Flèche d'Orient" poster captures the essence of the golden age of commercial aviation. It recalls a time when air travel was synonymous with luxury and exploration. This work of art conveys the thrill of adventure and discovery in a visually arresting way.

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Paris - Strasbourg - Nurnberg - Praha - Warszawa - Wien - Budapest - Beograd - Sofiya - Bucuresti - Istanbul

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