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Bal de L'Opéra de Paris Circa 1900

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The circa 1900 poster for the Bal de l'Opéra de Paris, crafted by the talented artist Tamagno, offers a glimpse into the cultural richness of the Belle Époque. Tamagno, recognized for his artistic finesse, captured the spirit of the era in an exquisite invitation to the renowned Opera Paris Ball.

This visually stunning piece showcases Tamagno's mastery, employing a rich color palette, intricate details, and flowing lines to convey the grandeur and dynamism of the event. The poster, beyond its aesthetic charm, serves as a historical artifact, reflecting the societal ideals of beauty, romance, and refinement prevalent during the Belle Époque.

Tamagno's artistry transports viewers to an era marked by cultural vibrancy and celebration. The poster not only promotes a specific event but encapsulates the broader ambiance of a time characterized by artistic fervor and societal optimism. In this masterpiece, Tamagno's talent continues to captivate, offering a condensed yet enchanting glimpse into the Belle Époque.

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Good condition, traces of folds, restorations

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