Aujourd'hui le peuple français s'interroge Circa 1960

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The original Soviet poster titled "Aujourd'hui le peuple français s'interroge Est-ce que les couronnes sont à la mode aujourd'hui car ceux qui les portaient avant, les perdaient avec leurs têtes? - De Gaulle" presents a satirical commentary on the concept of monarchy and leadership, particularly in the context of Charles de Gaulle.

The poster, created during a time of political tension, uses humor and irony to question the relevance of crowns in contemporary French society. The text, translated as "Today the French people wonder, Are crowns in fashion today? Because those who wore them before lost their heads," suggests a playful yet pointed critique of traditional monarchy and its historical consequences.

The use of Charles de Gaulle's name in the context of crowns and beheadings adds a layer of political satire. De Gaulle, a prominent figure in French politics, is symbolically associated with the historical struggles against monarchy. The poster cleverly implies that those who seek or embrace traditional symbols of power may face similar fates as historical monarchs.

Politics - Caricature - Cold War - Russia

Are the crowns in fashion today because those who wore them before, lost them with their heads - De Gaulle

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