United States Lines USL Circa 1960
United States Lines USL Circa 1960
United States Lines USL Circa 1960
United States Lines USL Circa 1960

United States Lines USL Circa 1960

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Rare photo poster of the S.S. United States chimneys lit up at night.

The United States, nicknamed "The Big U" is an American transatlantic liner of the company United States Lines. It was built from 1950 to 1952 under the direction of naval architect William Francis Gibbs with the support of the U.S. government, in order to provide the country with a reliable and fast ship that could carry passengers in peacetime, but also troop transports in the event of a conflict between the United States and the USSR. It was assigned to the North Atlantic line, New York-Le Havre-Southampton.

The ship is the largest built by the United States, and it is also the fastest liner ever put into service. She won the prestigious Blue Ribbon on her maiden voyage in July 1952. Her record of 3 days, 10 hours and 40 minutes for a North Atlantic crossing has never been beaten by another liner. The ship is also characterized by a rather austere and functional decoration wanted by its designer. Her career was short-lived as the ship quickly had to face competition from air traffic. In 1969, it was withdrawn from service.
The ship was then bought by various private owners between 1978 and 2003. Conversion into a cruise ship was considered, but none of them saw the light of day. In 2003, the Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) bought the ship for the same purpose. However, the United States did not leave the Philadelphia dock where it has been moored since 1996.

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