Albert King 1969
Albert King 1969
Albert King 1969
Albert King 1969

Albert King 1969

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Beautiful 1969 psychedelic poster created by Lee Conklin for It's a Beautiful Day and the blues-rock ephemeral Aum at the Fillmore West.
Lee Conklin is an artist best known for his psychedelic posters from the late 1960s and particularly for his iconic cover for Santana's first album.

At the time, photography was the basis of advertising, while psychedelic graphics were done by hand and were mostly based on an illustration concept.
The posters of this movement claim a new aesthetic: the flashy and warm colors, the shapes and moving typography and the density of the motif that invades the space translate the psychedelic vision, often associated with the taking of substances such as LSD.

Music - Psychedelic - United States

Fillmore West - Bill Graham

Tea Lautrec Litho San Francisco

Very good condition

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