Galerie R. Creuze 1957
Galerie R. Creuze 1957
Galerie R. Creuze 1957
Galerie R. Creuze 1957

Galerie R. Creuze 1957

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Beautiful exhibition serigraphy of Paul Ackerman at the Raymond Creuse Gallery do 1957.

Paul Ackerman, born September 17, 1908 in Iași (Romania) and died in Paris on March 13, 1981, was a Romanian naturalized French painter, lithographer, sculptor and theater decorator.

Living in France since 1912, he belongs to the School of Paris.

Paul Ackerman's work is characterized by its versatility, variations, mutations, stages, periods, cycles, turns, metamorphoses, and even contradictions. Never having been a prisoner of one style, he is both one of the most secretive painters of his time and one of those who bear witness to it. If in the 1950s the formal aspect of his work places him in the abstract painting, a closer look soon identifies the inspiring concrete reality.

In 1939, during the Second World War, Paul Ackerman was mobilized, taken prisoner and then, after being liberated, he met up with his wife Simone in Vichy, from where, expelled as a Jew, he left for Saint-Tropez. He then lived a cloistered life in the south of France, making do with small means (painting on newspaper), but also with a great friendship, that of Pierre Bonnard. From 1942 to 1945, he continued this cloistered life in Chindrieux, painting landscapes of Savoy, nudes, still lifes and self-portraits.

After the Liberation, Paul Ackerman returned to his Parisian studio in 1945, although he did return to Saint-Tropez, meeting up with Pierre Bonnard and seeing Pablo Picasso. In Paris, his major encounters were with Jean-Michel Atlan, Jean Dubuffet, Serge Poliakoff and especially Alexandre Garbell, whom he befriended. His first exhibition at Raymond Creuze in 1947 and the Pacquement Prize in 1950 quickly followed.

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