Elephante Circa 1980
Elephante Circa 1980
Elephante Circa 1980
Elephante Circa 1980
Elephante Circa 1980

Elephante Circa 1980

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Rembrandt Bugatti's Elephant Serigraphy edited by Silvio Zamorani stands as a poignant tribute to the famed Italian sculptor. This serigraphy, far removed from the automotive world, captures the essence of Bugatti's masterful work with bronze sculptures of wildlife subjects.

Bugatti, born on October 16, 1884, left an indelible mark on the art world, focusing primarily on the graceful depiction of animals in bronze. The Elephant Serigraphy is a reflection of Bugatti's profound love for nature and his meticulous study of exotic animals, particularly elephants, panthers, and lions.

This artistic journey began when Bugatti collaborated with the esteemed art foundry and gallery owner, Adrian Hébrard. The bronzes produced through this partnership, including the iconic elephant sculptures, gained widespread acclaim and promotion. Bugatti's ability to capture the features and movement of exotic creatures became the hallmark of his artistry.

The Elephant Serigraphy serves as a window into Bugatti's world, where the elegance of his sculptures transcends the confines of three-dimensional art. Created posthumously in 1980, this serigraphy pays homage to Bugatti's timeless contribution to the art world.

Beyond being a visual masterpiece, the serigraphy holds historical significance as the elephant mascot on the Bugatti Royale's radiator was cast from one of Rembrandt's original sculptures. This connection to automotive history adds a layer of depth to Bugatti's legacy, making the serigraphy a treasured piece for art collectors and enthusiasts alike.

In conclusion, the Elephant Serigraphy invites viewers into the intricate world of Rembrandt Bugatti, where wildlife comes to life through the strokes of his artistic brilliance. It's a celebration of sculpted elegance, a testament to Bugatti's lasting impact on the art world, and a bridge connecting his timeless sculptures to the legacy of the Bugatti Royale.

Sculpture - Animals - Exhibition

Silvio Zamorani Torino

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