Demi tête Circa 1950
Demi tête Circa 1950
Demi tête Circa 1950
Demi tête Circa 1950
Demi tête Circa 1950

Demi tête Circa 1950

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Ida Colucci, a contemporary artist renowned for her mastery in the art of collage, stands at the forefront of a creative revolution that transcends traditional artistic boundaries. Through a unique blend of imagination, precision, and storytelling, Colucci has carved a distinctive niche in the world of visual arts.

Colucci's collage works are a symphony of juxtaposed elements, seamlessly interwoven to create intricate visual narratives. Her meticulous selection of materials, ranging from vintage photographs and magazine cutouts to textured fabrics, breathes life into her compositions. Each piece becomes a tapestry of textures, colors, and emotions, offering viewers a multi-layered experience.

At the heart of Colucci's practice is a deep commitment to storytelling. Her collages are not merely visual arrangements but narratives waiting to unfold. Through skillful juxtapositions, she captures moments in time, blending disparate elements to create a cohesive and evocative whole. The stories embedded in her collages often transcend the limitations of language, speaking directly to the viewer's emotions.


Abstract - Cubism

Signed by hand by the artist - wife of Gio Colucci

Good condition

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