L'impérialisme Américain est un Gendarme Mondial (Guerre, Racisme, Provocation, ...) 1968

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The original Soviet poster from 1968, "American Imperialism is a World Gendarme (War, Racism, Provocation...)," stands as a vivid example of Soviet propaganda agitation. This poster embodies a critique of American foreign policy, portraying it as a figure of global policing that, according to the creators, contributes to wars, racism, and provocations.

Visually, the poster may feature bright colors and strong graphic elements to capture the viewer's attention. It represents the typical style of Soviet propaganda of that era, which focused on political and social issues confronting the world.

Such posters served as a means of mass communication and were widely used to shape public opinion in the Soviet Union, garner support for Soviet policies, and mobilize the population around ideological goals.

Cold War - Propaganda - USSR - Russia

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