L'estampe et l'affiche revue d'art 1897

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Beautiful poster by Pierre Bonnard for the art magazine l'estampe et l'affiche in 1897.
Pierre Bonnard was an influential French painter of the Post-Impressionist movement. Born on October 3, 1867, he developed a unique style characterized by bold use of color and innovative exploration of perspective. Bonnard was also a talented illustrator and master printmaker. His work was widely recognized for its ability to capture intimate scenes of everyday life with poetic sensitivity. Throughout his career, Bonnard was associated with the Nabis group, a circle of experimental artists. His influence on advertising art is undeniable, notably through his remarkable posters, such as the one produced for the art magazine l'estampe et l'affiche. Pierre Bonnard died on January 23, 1947, leaving behind him a lasting artistic legacy.

Literature - Advertising

Director Clément Janin

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