Bally Célèbre Marque de Chaussures 1934
Bally Célèbre Marque de Chaussures 1934
Bally Célèbre Marque de Chaussures 1934
Bally Célèbre Marque de Chaussures 1934

Bally Célèbre Marque de Chaussures 1934

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Leonetto Cappiello's original poster for the Bally brand, created in 1934, is an iconic work that embodies both the artist's distinctive style and the sophistication of the Swiss shoe brand. Cappiello, a master of advertising art, captured the essence of Bally through his ingenious design.

Born in Italy in 1875, Leonetto Cappiello is renowned for his ability to create memorable images using bold shapes, vivid colors and a dose of humor. His innovative approach revolutionized the world of advertising, and the Bally poster is a captivating example.

The poster showcases Bally's chic, elegant aesthetic, featuring an elegant woman wearing the brand's shoes while holding an umbrella. The subtle use of color, notably the contrast between the deep red of the umbrella and the softer tones of the dress and shoes, draws the viewer's eye and reinforces the visual impact.

Cappiello succeeds in capturing the essence of Bally by creating a composition that exudes refinement. The image evokes a sense of timeless elegance, reinforcing the brand's association with quality and style. The umbrella adds a subtle narrative element, suggesting that Bally shoes are perfect for all occasions, even rainy days.

The neat typography, with the name "Bally" in capital letters, completes the poster in a balanced way. Cappiello avoids superfluous elements, emphasizing the essential: the shoes and the image of sophistication they embody.

Leonetto Cappiello's original poster for Bally is a perfect fusion of artist and brand. It testifies to Cappiello's ability to combine high-quality graphic design with commercial promotion. His work is a reminder of the importance of artistry in visual communication, and how art can transcend mere advertising to become objects of admiration and collectibility.

Today, Cappiello's Bally poster is not only a testament to the artist's creative genius, but also an icon of twentieth-century advertising design. It continues to captivate admirers of art and design, underlining the power of a well-crafted image to transcend time and leave a lasting impression.

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