Jean Lumière 1942
Jean Lumière 1942
Jean Lumière 1942
Jean Lumière 1942

Jean Lumière 1942

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Original poster of Vandor for the singer Jean Lumière. His real name was Jean Anezin and he was born into a family of music-loving merchants. He won first prize in comedy and tragedy at the Marseille Conservatory, and then began singing in Nice and Marseille. Following a meeting with the singer Esther Lekain, he made his debut in 1930 in Paris at the Théâtre de l'Européen. It was Esther Lekain who chose his pseudonym for him: "Your voice is clear, you are from the South of France, you will be called Jean Lumière". For a long time considered to have the "best radio voice", Jean Lumière left the stage in 1960 to become a singing teacher.

Music - Song - Celebrity

The voice of his master - Mercure Advertising - According to Teddy Piaz

B. Sirven - Toulouse

Good condition, traces of folds

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