Les Deux Pigeons Paix et Liberté 1952
Les Deux Pigeons Paix et Liberté 1952

Les Deux Pigeons Paix et Liberté 1952

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Propaganda - Caricature - Politics

My brother does everything he wants: good supper, good cottage, and the rest? La Fontaine - On May 28, 1952, in the midst of the Cold War, Jacques Duclos leader of the clandestine PCF during the war and interim secretary general of the party, returns home after the demonstration organized under the aegis of the Peace Movement against the coming of American general Ridgway in Paris.

The car where he was and his wife and bodyguard was arrested by the police.
In the car, a pistol, a radio and two pigeons were found in a basket.

The police, fine bloodhounds, supposed that the traveler pigeons were used to transport messages to the Soviets.

Jacques Duclos showed the police that the pigeons had died and, therefore, could not transport messages. The pigeons were intended to be eaten at dinner.

He was still arrested. The next day, the pigeons were autopsied to try to find microfilms intended for the Soviets.

Jacques Duclos was released after a month, after a campaign of the Communist Party.

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