L'empire au service de la France " Vision Saharienne " 1939

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The poster "L'Empire au Service de la France - Vision Saharienne," crafted by Albert Briol in 1939 under the direction of George Letourneur, stands as a poignant representation of the colonial aspirations and identity during a crucial period.

Sponsored by the youth of the French Empire and its president, Jean Daladier, the poster is a visual narrative set against a tricolor backdrop. At the forefront is a compelling portrait of a Black soldier from the French colonial troops, his head wrapped in a tagelmust, and bandoliers crossing his chest. Armed with a rifle, he stands atop a dromedary, symbolizing the unique military prowess of the Saharan region.

The background unfolds with a North African fortress, dominated by a minaret crowned with a crescent, emblematic of the cultural and religious landscape. Palm trees sway against the backdrop, framing a coursing river—a harmonious blend of colonial strength and the allure of the Saharan environment.

This poster encapsulates the complex identity of the French Empire, reflecting both the military might and the exotic allure of its colonial territories. Briol's creation not only serves as a visual masterpiece but also offers a glimpse into the multifaceted aspirations and perceptions of the French Empire on the brink of significant historical events.

Cinema - Colony - France

Directed by George Letourneur - under the patronage of the youth of the French Empire and its President Jean Daladier. On a tricolor background: portrait of a black soldier of French colonial troops in the foreground (head wrapped in a tagelmust and cartridge barring his chest), man armed with a rifle on a dromedary, a strong North African city surmounted by A minaret (croissant at the top), palm trees and watercourses in the background.

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