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Théàtre de l'Opéra Carnaval - 2e Bal Masqué 1894

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In the realm of Belle Époque Paris, Jules Chéret emerges as a luminary, casting his artistic brilliance on the city's vibrant cultural scene. Known as the "father of the modern poster," Chéret's legacy is interwoven with the splendor of his iconic creations. His 1894 masterpiece, the Théâtre de l'Opéra Carnaval - 2e Bal Masqué poster, stands as a testament to his ability to capture the essence of an era. As the artistic architect behind the Belle Époque's visual language, Chéret's posters became windows into a world of opulence and celebration.

The 1894 poster for the Théâtre de l'Opéra Carnaval - 2e Bal Masqué is a testament to Chéret's mastery. With a palette as vibrant as the soirées it advertises, the poster immerses viewers in a carnival of colors and masked elegance. Chéret's signature use of bold hues, intricate detailing, and flowing lines breathes life into the figures, enticing onlookers to step into the grandeur of Belle Époque Paris.

Beyond its role as a promotional piece, Chéret's creation becomes a historical artifact—a snapshot of an age when Parisian nightlife thrived, and art seamlessly blended with the city's pulse. The Carnaval - 2e Bal Masqué poster is a radiant jewel in Chéret's crown, a dazzling embodiment of the artistic spirit that defined an era.

Opera - Show

Chaix (Chéret workshops) Paris

Good condition, traces of folds, small restored tears

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