Il était une fois... d&
Il était une fois... d&
Il était une fois... d&
Il était une fois... d&

Il était une fois... d'après la pièce de Francis de Croisset 1933

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1933 original poster for "Il était une fois" (Once Upon a Time) stands as a captivating introduction to a timeless story of transformation and redemption. This poster not only serves as promotional material but also offers a glimpse into the cinematic artistry of its creators and the enduring appeal of French cinema.

Directed by Léonce Perret and released in 1933, "Il était une fois" is a French film that weaves a narrative of profound change and personal growth. The story revolves around a young woman who undergoes plastic surgery, transforming not only her physical appearance but also her moral character. She chooses to leave behind her life of criminal activities and embark on a path of virtue and self-discovery.

The 1933 movie poster beautifully encapsulates the essence of this cinematic tale. It features a striking and artistic portrayal of the film's main characters, played by Gaby Morlay, André Luguet, and Jean Max. The use of contrasting light and shadow in the poster artfully conveys the theme of transformation, both physically and morally.

"Il était une fois" explores themes of inner beauty, redemption, and the power of personal choices. The film's narrative resonates with audiences even today, highlighting the timeless nature of its storytelling.

Cinema - Gaby Morlay - André Luguet and Jean Max

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